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n.1.The act of transposing, or the state of being transposed; transposition.
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Romania's journey within the European Union has been marked by a context of successive crises for Europe (a constitutional one-see the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by France and the Netherlands and the transposal of many of its provisions into the Lisbon Treaty-, an economic and financial one, a leadership crisis and even an existential one).
1 ml of ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) were mixed together by transposal and equilibrated to 25C [13].
But, as the government's position in the Microsoft case suggests, this seemingly straightforward transposal of the rules applicable to drones and guns to the world of data is contestable.
The Transposal fluid waste management System (obtained through the 2012 acquisition of Dornoch Medical Systems Inc.
Bryce Galloway: Hair Transposal Video (56 Worcester Boulevard, opposite the gallery)
The next big test on the implementation of EU texts that are key for companies will be the transposal, by 16 March 2013, of Directive 2011/7/EC on late payments.
Actually I prefer to read them in the eighteenth-century edition because therein lies a trail of evidence which transposal into a digitalized version considerably obscures (not to mention the mistakes made by the keyboarder).