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(trăns-shĭp′) also tran·ship (trăn-shĭp′)
tr. & intr.v. trans·shipped, trans·ship·ping, trans·ships also tran·shipped or tran·ship·ping or tran·ships
To transfer or be transferred from one conveyance to another for reshipment or reexport.

trans·ship′ment n.
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Noun1.transshipment - the transfer from one conveyance to another for shipmenttransshipment - the transfer from one conveyance to another for shipment
transfer, transferral, transportation, conveyance, transport - the act of moving something from one location to another


[trænsˈʃɪpmənt] Ntransbordo m
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5 million tonnes of capacity could be built up for fuel and transshipments in the future.
In bulk grain segment, by entering into annual lease agreements, the Group had locked up the domestic corn transshipments of certain targeted major customers.
Considering the big support we have in transshipments, we're looking to put up a more sustainable structure so shippers can use the port to solidify their commitments to the Upper Gulf," said Yusif bin Sanad, general manager-commercial, APM Terminals, Bahrain.
This strategy does not ship materials to any fabricators when material shortages occur, which is regarded as a basis for comparison with those executing lateral transshipments.
While the new tariffs should effectively seal the EU market from biodiesel transshipments through Canada, EBB warned that "new transshipment destinations for U.
Because of the UAE's strategic location and international status on the import and export market, it faces a challenge in controlling export, import and re-export operations and in improving techniques and tools to prevent illegal transshipments.
Lateral stock transshipments in a two-location inventory system with fixed and joint replenishment costs, Naval Research Logistics, Vol.
Although transshipments are growing as a percentage of the port's business, local importers remain a central component as well.
More specifically, this area of research can be divided into two major research streams: the emergency lateral transshipments and the preventive lateral transshipments.
Companies are utilizing emergency lateral transshipments between retailers to meet customer demand to improve service levels and / or reduce costs [Minner et al.
Transshipments can cause delays particularly if cargo is frustrated at a port.
Customs investigation into alleged apparel transshipments that could eventually lead to the renegotiation of the controversial bilateral textiles agreement between the two countries.