oxygen therapy

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ox·y·gen ther·a·py

n. terapia de oxígeno, tratamiento de oxígeno por el cual se distribuye una concentración de oxígeno para aliviar la respiración del paciente por medio de un catéter nasal, tienda, cámara o máscara.
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Patient response to transtracheal oxygen therapy. Am Rev Respir Dis.
Several benefits to transtracheal oxygen therapy have been noted, including more efficient oxygenation, reduced energy expenditure associated with breathing, increased functional ability, less nasal irritation, and greater privacy (Bloom et al., 1989; Christopher, Spofford, Brannin, & Petty, 1986; Hoffman, Dauber, Ferson, Openbrier, & Zullo, 1987; Tiep & Lewis, 1987).
The Fast Tract Starter Pack contains everything necessary for a Fast Tract procedure, as well as the first 90 days' supplies required by the patient for a smooth transition to transtracheal oxygen therapy.
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