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n.1.The act of conveying or carrying over.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(17) This transportation or "transvection" was a particular concern for demonologists who reasoned that the devil could move quickly though the air because he was not weighed down by the "awkwardness of earthly bodies and the sluggishness of earthly senses." (18) By forcing the direction and intensity of the wind, the devil could carry humans with him through the air.
The list of ncRNA effects includes gene silencing, position effect, hybrid dysgenesis, chromosome dosage compensation, imprinting, allelic exclusion, transvection, transduction, paramutation, and altered chromatin modifying complexes.
When det(t) = 1, the reflection t is called a transvection [12, XIII [section]9], while det(t) [not equal to] 1 means that t is a semisimple reflection.
Either Porter's (1985) value system or Alderson's (1957, 1965) transvection (2) offer an appropriate "system" level of analysis through which R-A theory could be usefully applied to SCM.
At the same time, a deep sense of providential control emerges in the narration from the moment the author unveils the extraordinary anecdote of the transvection to the forest of Nanteuil.
29 (1991); ANNA DUBOIS, ORGANISING INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITIES ACROSS FIRM BOUNDARIES (1998); Gadde et al., supra note 15; Kajsa Hulthen, Variety in Distribution Networks: A Transvection Analysis (2002) (unpublished Ph.D.
Indeed, I would suggest that the process of image transvection and spatial linkage across media formations that we have seen working in military nanoscience, generating plots and graphs to draw the pieces together in narrative cohesion, describes a cultural reading practice conditioned by the medium of comics.
The following eleven chapters deal with women, demonic bodies, the difficulties of belief (with an excellent discussion of pictorial representations, 106-124), transvection, experimentation, sources of witches' power, desecration, infanticide, metamorphosis, praestigium, and exorcism.
Quedarian, entonces, tres alternativas con respecto a esta omision: "(1) The flight actually took place; (2) Rutilio believed in the flight, although it was a demonic illusion; and (3) as an unreliable narrator (in Riley's terminology), Rutilio lied about transvection" (303).
The second step is to identify and attack lead-time bottlenecks throughout that transvection, beginning with the largest bottlenecks in the firm's own functions and expanding to bottlenecks in contracted functions.