Transverse axis

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(Geom.) that axis which passes through the foci.

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Aircraft turn coordinator's gimbal is pitched up 30 -- 35 degrees from the transverse axis allowing it to respond to roll as well as yaw.
On CT images, sausage-shaped mass on the longitudinal axis and target sign on the transverse axis describe intussusception.
(22) Additionally, higher auricular surfaces seen in these samples may result in a cranial shift of the transverse axis of sagittal nutation of the sacrum.
The longitudinal and transverse axis of the uterine cervix and uterine corpus were measured after ablation by abdominal ultrasonography.
The temporomandibular joint of both sides are not independent of each other in function and peculiar type of synovial joint as the mouth opens and closes with the rotation of mandible around the terminal hinge axis of lower compartment as well as the transverse axis of the ramus as a result of the translation in the upper compartment of the joint with the protrusion of condyles and the retrusion of the gonion.
The majority of prostheses rotate along the transverse axis with no foot with a degree of freedom along both axes.
as the "horseshoe-H -Type"; B -Type resembles a transverse section of a boat and its diameter coincides with the major transverse axis. When its anterior part is a half circle, posteriorly one or both greater horns deviate to one or to the other side, bone is said to be of the "deviating-D-Type", when it is triangular shape or resembling the letter V , it is said to be of the "V-Type " When its right and left greater horns do not lie in same plane and left cornu is curved medially, it is named to be of the HK-Type (Figs.
At this position the fingers would be over the transverse axis of the tibiotalar joint.
Although Sanders et al., (2015b) have quantified torques to explain the pattern of yaw (rotation about the antero-posterior axis) in a single breaststroke swimmer, torques do not appear to have been determined to explain yaw and pitch (rotation about the transverse axis) in front crawl swimming and in backstroke.
Uterine torsion signifies rotation of gravid uterus on its transverse axis, similar to an intestinal volvulus (Roberts, 1971).

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