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 (trä′pə-nē, -pä-)
A city of northwest Sicily, Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea west-southwest of Palermo. An important Carthaginian naval base, it fell to Rome in 241 bc.
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(Italian ˈtraːpani)
(Placename) a port in S Italy, in NW Sicily: Carthaginian naval base, ceded to the Romans after the First Punic War. Pop: 68 346 (2001)
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(ˈtrɑ pə ni)

a seaport in NW Sicily. 71,430.
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I suspect that the authoress in her mind makes Telemachus come back from Pylos to the Lilybaean promontory and thence to Trapani through the strait between the Isola Grande and the mainland--the island of Asteria being the one on which Motya afterwards stood.
{104} In the islands of Favognana and Marettimo off Trapani I have seen men fish exactly as here described.
{117} The rock at the end of the Northern harbour of Trapani, to which I suppose the writer of the "Odyssey" to be here referring, still bears the name Malconsiglio--"the rock of evil counsel." There is a legend that it was a ship of Turkish pirates who were intending to attack Trapani, but the "Madonna di Trapani" crushed them under this rock just as they were coming into port.
{143} I imagine the fountain to have been somewhere about where the church of the Madonna di Trapani now stands, and to have been fed with water from what is now called the Fontana Diffali on Mt.
{51} Irrigation as here described is common in gardens near Trapani. The water that supplies the ducts is drawn from wells by a mule who turns a wheel with buckets on it.
25,26, "on the horizon, all highest up in the sea towards the West," while the other islands lie "some way off it to the East." As we descend to Trapani, Marettimo appears to sink on to the top of the island of Levanzo, behind which it disappears.
{16} Doors fastened to all intents and purposes as here described may be seen in the older houses at Trapani. There is a slot on the outer side of the door by means of which a person who has left the room can shoot the bolt.
EGYPTAIR in the 3rd quarter of 2019 plans to offer scheduled charter service to Trapani in Italy, with the offering of Sharm el Sheikh - Trapani routing.
31 May 2019 - US-based citrus packing, selling and marketing company Limoneira Company (NASDAQ: LMNR) has completed the joint venture and land acquisition with Argentina citrus operator FGF Trapani, the company said.
Amelia "Millie" Trapani Amelia "Millie" Trapani, nee Jakopovich.
Limoneira Company announced that it has entered into an agreement with FGF Trapani, a multi-generational, family owned citrus operation in Argentina.