v. i.1.To walk or run about in an idle or slatternly manner; to traipse.
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boilers and laundry plant at GTB Hospital Shahdara Delhi Day to day maintenance of Laundry Machines including repair of drive system drying tumbler and steam trape assembly and sluicing machine
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I am truly touched that yet another trust is backing the campaign Trape and pledging to do such a simple thing that makes such a dif-difference.
beaucoup moins que]Blog[beaucoup plus grand que] d'Elena Trape est une comedie de 90 minutes basee sur une histoire vraie.
In this lecture the Under the Tuscan Sun stereotyped views of Italy are compared with less idealised visions offered by Australian authors and artists like Shirley Hazzard and Jeffrey Smart (see Trape, 2011).
Borrelia species vary their surface antigens, causing repeated stimulation of the immune system by each new antigen (Rodhain 1976; Trape et al.
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