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or com·pact·er  (kəm-păk′tər, kŏm′păk′-)
An appliance that compresses trash for ease of disposal.


a machine that compacts something, esp rubbish


(kəmˈpæk tər, ˈkɒm pæk-)

an appliance that crushes and compresses trash into small convenient bundles.
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Tenders are invited for maintenance and repair services for grease trap, trash compactor, and wash rack system.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global trash compactor market to grow at a CAGR of 2.
What about that trash compactor that I pulled out of the kitchen and stuck in the corner of the garage?
Soon, everyone can own an official LEGO version of Pixar's little trash compactor, WALL*E.
He dove into a garbage chute, which went straight down to the basement trash compactor, 210 feet below.
The closure came as Whirlpool moved production at the Fort Smith plant to its other North American sites, with trash compactor production moved to Ottawa, Ohio; built-in refrigerator production moved to Amana, Iowa; and side-by-side refrigerators moved to Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.
The solar component feeds a trash compactor for the garbage unit, so the garbage container actually has increased capacity," said Newcomer.
99), a round step can with built-in trash compactor from Base Brands, LLC, Atlanta, Ga.
When installed in a local community, the Solar-Powered Trash Compactor assists municipalities and facilities in reducing waste collection frequency, lowering customer costs and providing a greener, cleaner environment.
now introduces eco-friendly garbage collection with its all-new battery-powered trash compactor utilizing the power supply system developed for Mitsubishi Motors' i-MiEV in its garbage collection trucks.
WORCESTER - A trash compactor fire sent smoke through the halls of the residential tower at 40 Belmont St.
This trash compactor features "Roll-Pack" Technology, which reduces the volume of waste in 20, 30, 40 and 50 cubic yard open-bin containers.