n. & v.1.See Trance.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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for this indifference, though Erasmus-like, I am hung betwixt Heaven and Hell & renounced of all Communions...." Collop echoes Richard Harvey who remembers Celio Secondo Curione's Pasquine in a Traunce: "call me not John Indifferent ...
Distracted, beating her breasts, tearing her hair, she searched the shore then climbed a cliff from where she saw "how with a Southren gale" Theseus' "stowting sayles did scowre"--or thought she saw them; she couldn't be sure, for "deadly pangues my hart surprised." But then, "upryste" from her "traunce," "to call on Theseus I began." Her lament begins with rhetorical questions:
This wofull man rose up in all his paine, And departid with wepyng countinaunce, His wofull herte almoste to braste in twaine, Full like to die, walkyng forthe in a traunce, And sayid, Deth, come forthe, thy self avaunce, Or that rayne herte forget his propertie, And make shortir all this wofull penaunce, Of my pore life, full of adversitie....