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(Placename) a former princely state of S India which joined with Cochin in 1949 to form Travancore-Cochin: part of Kerala state since 1956


(ˈtræv ənˌkɔr, -ˌkoʊr)

a former state in SW India: now a part of Kerala state.
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Summary: Mumbai [India], March 9 (ANI): The then Chief Manager of State Bank of Travancore (now State Bank of India), A.
Coins from Egypt, the Hoysala era, medieval South India, Travancore and many other rare coins will be on display including the coins depicting the queens of Tranvancore.
The Travancore Devaswom Board authorities said the decision to change the name of the temple was taken at the meeting of the board on October 5.
backed an unsuccessful attempt to keep Travancore out of the Indian union and left Travancore after a failed assassination bid on his life.
Indian expatriates residing in Oman can now transfer money directly to their beneficiary having account in State Bank of Travancore across borders in India through FLASHremit, a real time account credit facility.
Global Banking News-December 31, 2015--India's State Bank of Travancore to raise capital
He set up the first Ramakrishna Ashram at Haripad in Travancore and a string of ashrams in Kochi and Malabar.
A final verdict is awaited from the apex court but the adverse remarks in the report are considered to be a setback for the Travancore royal family that has been the traditional custodian of the temple's assets.
For the uninitiated, the upper cloth revolt refers to the rebellion by Nadar women against caste restrictions imposed by the Travancore kingdom ( now part of Kerala) to fight for their right to wear upper- body clothes.
28 September 2011 - Rating agency CARE yesterday reaffirmed the AAA rating assigned to three bond issues of Indian financial services provider State Bank of Travancore (BOM:532191) or SBT.
Gold coins weighing 530 kg among which around 17 kg of gold coins belong to the East India Company era, 14 kg of coins minted in Travancore, more than 100
Global Banking News-January 10, 2011--State Bank of Travancore raises INR2.