Traveling crane

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(Mach.) a crane mounted on wheels; esp., an overhead crane consisting of a crab or other hoisting apparatus traveling on rails or beams fixed overhead, as in a machine shop or foundry.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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All around and above giant machine arms were flying, giant wheels were turning, great hammers crashing; traveling cranes creaked and groaned overhead, reaching down iron hands and seizing iron prey--it was like standing in the center of the earth, where the machinery of time was revolving.
Supply & installation of an overhead traveling crane for pumping station No.
Other topics of the 263 papers include safety evaluation of an overhead traveling crane, packaging foam for liquid crystal display, steering electromotor control of a pallet truck, and a web-based reverse engineering service center for helping small Chinese companies copy foreign products.
In many metalcasting facilities, a contributor of exhaust is the traveling crane used to move heavy crucibles full of molten metal.
The 15-ton ladle is carried to the twin stand pig caster by an overhead traveling crane where the molten metal is cast into pigs.
Shaw, a draftsman and later a master mechanic, developed the first electric overhead traveling crane.
In many plants, a contributor of exhaust is the traveling crane used to move crucibles full of molten metal.
Two tenders for the rehabilitation of (a) two lifting hoppers for salt, also (b) an electric driven overhead traveling crane and two metals lathing machine.
Supply and erection of an overhead traveling crane of 5 tons capacity.