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also trav·e·log  (trăv′ə-lôg′, -lŏg′)
a. A lecture about travel, often accompanied by a film, a video, or slides.
b. A narrated film or video about travel.
2. A written nonfictional narrative about travel.
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(ˈtrævəlɒɡ) or


a film, lecture, or brochure on travels and travelling
[C20: from travel + -logue]
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or trav•e•log

(ˈtræv əˌlɔg, -ˌlɒg)

a lecture, slide show, film, etc., describing a person's travels or depicting travels in a particular, often distant place.
[1900–05;b. travel and monologue]
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Noun1.travelogue - a film or illustrated lecture on travelingtravelogue - a film or illustrated lecture on traveling
attraction - an entertainment that is offered to the public
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فِلْم أو مُحاضَره مُصَوَّرَه عن رِحْلَه
cestopiscestopisné líčení
fyrirlestur/grein/kvikmynd um ferîalög
cestopisný film/článok/prednáška
gezi filmi


travelog (US) [ˈtrævəlɒg] N (= brochure) → folleto m de viajes; (= lecture) → charla f sobre viajes; (= film) → película f de viajes; (= documentary) → documental m de viajes
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[ˈtrævəlɒg] n
(= book, talk) → récit m de voyage
(= film) → documentaire m de voyagetravel rep n (British)accompagnateur/trice m/ftravel-sick [ˈtrævəlsɪk] adj
to be travel-sick → avoir le mal des transportstravel sickness nmal m des transportstravel-sickness pill ncomprimé m contre le mal des transports
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, (US) travelog
n (= film)filmischer Reisebericht; (= slides)Lichtbildervortrag m(über eine Reise); (= lecture)Reisebericht m
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[ˈtrævəlɒg] n (book) → diario di viaggio; (film) → documentario di viaggio; (talk) → conferenza su un viaggio
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(ˈtrӕvl) past tense, past participle ˈtravelled , (American) ˈtraveled verb
1. to go from place to place; to journey. I travelled to Scotland by train; He has to travel a long way to school.
2. to move. Light travels in a straight line.
3. to visit places, especially foreign countries. He has travelled a great deal.
the act of travelling. Travel to and from work can be very tiring.
ˈtraveller noun
a person who travels. a weary traveller.
ˈtravelogue , (American) ˈtravelog noun
a film, article, talk etc about travels.
ˈtravels noun plural
the visiting of foreign countries etc. She's off on her travels again.
travel agency, travel bureau
a place where one can arrange journeys, book tickets etc. We went to the travel agency to book our holidays.
travel agent
a person in charge of, or working in, a travel agency.
ˈtraveller's cheque noun
(American traveler's check) a cheque that a person can use in a foreign country instead of money, or to change into local money.

ˈtraveller's palm

a palm of the banana family, with a row of large leaves at the crown.
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