Treasure city

a city for stores and magazines.
- Ex. i. 11.

See also: Treasure

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Specialty cuisine restaurants are aimed at young customers, providing Chinese and foreign specialty cuisines, and currently the Group is operating Treasure City Hot Pot Seafood Restaurant, Winter Steam Pot Restaurant, The Orient Barbecue Cuisine, Beijing Barbecue Cuisine and MeokBang Korean BBQ & Bar.
and Ruckus Society and co-founded a number of varied projects, businesses and organizations including Lesson Seven (political industrial band), Red Square (coop art gallery), Century Modern (antique cooperative), Treasure City Thrift (volunteer/worker cooperative) and the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (the largest anarchist inspired organization in modern US history).
Most affected will be the recently opened Coventry History Centre - described as a "treasure City gallery faces pounds 100k cash crisis FROM PAGE ONE trove of information on the history of Coventry and its citizens from medieval times to the present." Its opening hours would be slashed by 14 hours to 25 hours a week, opening on five days, not six.