n.1.A house or building where treasures and stores are kept.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He took it up and disclosed a shapely little treasure-house whose bottom and sides were of shingles.
Now he went back to his treasure-house and carefully placed himself just as he had been standing when he tossed the marble away; then he took another marble from his pocket and tossed it in the same way, saying:
We all pulled round again to Rum Cove, the nearest point for Ben Gunn's treasure-house; and then Gray, single-handed, returned with the gig to the HISPANIOLA, where he was to pass the night on guard.
They had barely crossed the threshold of this treasure-house, to find themselves rich men; what possibilities of affluence might be theirs when they had fully exploited their possessions?
Some of his sunsets are like pageants devised for the delight of the multitude, when all the gems of the royal treasure-house are displayed above the sea.
The molasses, vinegar, and kerosene had lasted the family for five years, and the Perkins attic was still a treasure-house of ginghams, cottons, and "Yankee notions." So at Rebecca's instigation Mrs.
In short, as Camilla is the essence of all beauty, so is she the treasure-house where purity dwells, and gentleness and modesty abide with all the virtues that can confer praise, honour, and happiness upon a woman.
Professor Tu said in her speech at the ceremony, 'Chinese medicine and pharmacology are a great treasure-house', which 'should be explored and raised to a higher level ...
1 can''t remember, there''s No reason or rhyme, Oh to pot with it, who cares, it''s like a crossword or puzzle, ever searching For a solution, When you''re young it doesn''t bother you, you move on, but as you age it Becomes so crucial, You think, you puzzle, it drives you mad, you end up nearly tearing out Your hair, It''s your imagination, that treasure-house of memories, You, puts you into despair, But those little grey cells continue to rebel, madness is near, but wait you''re Never as old as your life''s stats, Oh bother, here I go again, that''s famous last quote, now who the hell was it that originally said that?
Ensconced in a treasure-house of illustrations (numbering 410 of which 356 are in colour) this erudite and enjoyable guide to the world's myths is a journey through mankind's power of imagination.
A treasure-house of precise references and analyses, this book does not set out to provide simple answers, but to illustrate the great complexity of the country and to account for the deep changes it has gone through.
THE BBC is to make available the biggest digital "treasure-house" of TV and radio programmes in the world, it has been revealed.