n.1.The quantity or number which fills a tree.
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In the parc there are more activities laid on than you could shake a treeful of sticks at - everything from scuba and aqua-aerobics, through watersports and crazy golf, to yoga and shiatsu massage.
Evaluating educational and social actions programs: A treeful of owls.
We arrived at the local wildlife park, watched by a treeful of nosy monkeys, and spent the night in a tent.
A flamboyant footballer who played with the arrogant strut of conviction for West Ham, Celtic and Scotland, he did drugs, did bird in Durham jail, pulled Page Three birds by the treeful, drank himself stupid and blew a fortune.
grow tall as a shrub, let alone a tree, a treeful / of shade and nests and songs?
To find out more about the benefits of trees, see CONE's Reasons To Be Treeful leaflet)
THE people at MINI, or BMW rather, are as clever as a treeful of owls.