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Noun1.trend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trendtrend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trend
line - a mark that is long relative to its width; "He drew a line on the chart"
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First, Hakim chooses to only visually interpret the data (through linear trend lines on graphs) rather than conduct and report the results of more careful statistical evaluations.
Trend lines can convey a rapid assessment of a breeder's selection success in the previous generations.
The IJNS SNIP trend was the most stable of the 3 journals, with just 2 slightly negative trend lines (Figure 1).
Used indiscriminately, trend lines can actually prevent you from extracting insights from your data, and as you can imagine, hidden insights lead to missed opportunities and lost money.
Analyzing data and trend lines leads Gross to the conclusion that 10-year yields have been moving downward since the early 1980s, with 30-basis-point declines on average for the past 30 years.
In charting, trend lines are essential in identifying whether a stock is on upward or downward trend.
The trend lines of IFR and IFCF can be obtained from the corresponding TFDs by performing ridge extraction.
The two trend lines show the linear association between employment and GDP across recessions, one with and one without the last episode.
Realizing the intricacies of farming practices, as well as acres planted for different crops and other considerations, it was decided to examine trend lines and weather/climate effects based on bushels per acre of corn production.
Benchmarking against their 26 year trend lines, the SA ALSI P:E is currently around 20% over-priced, while the S&P 500 P:E is around 45% under-priced.
Atlantic intensity forecasts along with trend lines show that there has indeed been relatively little improvement in the official NHC forecasts in the North Atlantic at the shorter ranges (24-48 h).
Our Take: Network execs are freaked out by the trend lines for linear TV viewing, and are finally trying to stay one step ahead of a fast-moving train.