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(trɛŋˈɡɑːnuː; tɛrɛŋ-) or


(Placename) a state of E Peninsular Malaysia, on the South China Sea: under Thai suzerainty until becoming a British protectorate in 1909; joined the Federation of Malaya in 1948; an isolated forested region; mainly agricultural. Capital: Kuala Trengganu. Pop: 898 825 (2000). Area: 12 995 sq km (5002 sq miles)
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(trɛŋˈgɑ nu)

a state in Malaysia, on the E central Malay Peninsula. 540,627; 5050 sq. mi. (13,080 sq. km).
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The centres are also established in Besut, Trengganu and Tok Bali in Kelantan.
amarus were collected at midday in the month of February 2012 from Kuala Trengganu, Malaysia.
Interestingly, he rates Brunei silverware as superior to that being produced in Trengganu (p.
It originated from interracial marriages between immigrants from Mainland China (mostly from Fujian, the Southern province of China) in the 15th century with indigenous women such as Bataks, Balinese and Chitty (descendants of old Hindu families) from Malacca, Penang, Trengganu, Burma and Indonesia (Lim, 2009; Lohanda, 2009).
State/province Indian Muslim Population Selangor 24,472 Penang Island 12,335 Johore 8,318 Kuala Lumpur 7,688 Perak 7,537 Negeri Sembilan 4,626 Kedah 3,345 Sabah 3,164 Pahang 2,244 Sarawak 1,892 Malacca 1,678 Kelantan 445 Trengganu 435 Perlis 260 Wilayah Pulau Labuan 195 Wilayah Putrajaya 68 Total 78,702 Source: Department of Statistics, Malaysia.