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tre·pan 1

1. A rock-boring tool used in mining for sinking shafts.
2. Medicine A trephine.
tr.v. tre·panned, tre·pan·ning, tre·pans
1. To bore (a shaft) with a trepan.
2. To bore or otherwise make a hole in (the skull), as in certain prehistoric cultures or in surgery using a trephine.

[Middle English trepane, surgical crown saw, from Medieval Latin trepanum, from Greek trūpanon, borer, from trūpān, to pierce, from trūpē, hole; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

trep′a·na′tion (trĕp′ə-nā′shən) n.

tre·pan 2

 (trĭ-păn′) Archaic
tr.v. tre·panned, tre·pan·ning, tre·pans
To trap; ensnare.
1. A trickster.
2. A trick or snare.

[Origin unknown.]
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n. trepanación, perforación del cráneo con un instrumento especial para reducir el aumento de la presión intracraneal causada por fractura, acumulación de sangre o pus.
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