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also kash·ruth  (käsh′rəth, -rəs, käsh-ro͞ot′)
1. The state of being kosher.
2. The body of Jewish dietary law.

[Mishnaic Hebrew kašrût, from kāšēr, fitting; see kosher.]
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76) Among the harshest critics of Jewish life in America was one of Horowitz's teachers, the Ridbaz, who had once famously proclaimed that in America even the stones were treyf.
Pets are not bound by halakha and therefore do not keep kosherindeed, the Torah even says explicitly that treyf meat should be "thrown to the dogs.
Yes, every Jew already knows that McGriddle is forbidden treyf, but this morning I called it good.
This went against Jewish law prohibiting tza'ar ba'alei cbayim, suffering to animals, although some rabbis claimed that since none of the geese's limbs were harmed and the geese did not feel discomfort in their throats, foie gras was not treyf, or forbidden.
only to remember/that I'm both milk and meat, impure, / my woman's body treyf as pork.
Levine, in their discussion of ethnic adaptation, call "safe treyf," a forbidden substance so unrecognizable or unfamiliar that its presence could be ignored.
She had the old-country attitude of my own mother honed by penury--any food or drink that wasn't treyf or whiskey was good for the kids, would make them big and strong and good husbands.
Where more liberal Jews sometimes choose to keep kosher homes but eat at non-kosher restaurants, or eat shellfish but abstain from the ultimate treyf ("non-kosher"), that is, pork, Orthodox Jews eat only kosher food, keep separate sets of dishes for dairy and meat, and wait six hours between eating meat and dairy (but not vice versa).
Every Gerrer Hasid with a computer can expect a house call in the near future, meant to persuade him to get rid of the treyf device.
And since most corporations are a mixed bag, the same company can be kosher for one fund and treyf for another.
And Sherry Blanton considers the strawberry socials and treyf oyster suppers of the Anniston, Alabama, Ladies' Hebrew Benevolent Society (37).
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