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Tria explained that half of the earnings went to the private operator and the other half to CEZA.
Because of this, Tria said, the business group has started a campaign to plant varieties that are attractive to buyers not just in Singapore, but also the local market as demand for the fruit has been growing.
Our lucky winner will receive a Tria Hair Removal 4X, worth PS299, for treating large areas like legs and arms, as well as a Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision, worth PS235, which has a smaller head for targeting the bikini line, under arms and upper lip.
Connectria, a global cloud service provider and founder of the No Jerks Allowed[R] movement, has announced the launch of TRIA Multi-Cloud, the only multi-cloud management solution that allows management of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, UNIX and IBM iSeries cloud environments from a single dashboard.
can of TRIA is intended to boost energy, mood, motivation, concentration, metabolism, muscle tone, skin, hair, nails, cellular health, and wellness, according to the company.
The 2015 TRIA reauthorization requires the GAO to look at how other countries structure and fund their terrorism risk insurance systems.
Triacontanol (TRIA) is a potential phytohormone, enhances growth and yield of various crop species when is foliar applied (Singh et al., 2011).
NAA/NMHC offered this response: "TRIA and subsequent extensions of the program have been the mechanism that provides ready access to affordable terrorism coverage for apartment property owners, developers and managers across the country.
Congress allowed TRIA to expire on December 31, 2014 but reauthorized it on January 8 with a 93-4 vote in the Senate.
TRIA was signed into law in 2002 and it allows the government to serve as a financial backstop for businesses suffering losses due to catastrophic attacks.
The bill extends TRIA for six years, and increases the amount needed in total losses before the TRIA program kicks in from the current $100 million to $200 million, at a rate of $20 million a year beginning in 2016.