n.1.(Chem.) An amide containing three amido groups.
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2013) also provided additional details on one of the more widely used and effective compounds, namely N-(n-butyl)thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT; tradename Agrotain; Koch Agronomic Services, Wichita, KS, USA), and summarised multiple studies on reduced ammonia emissions with NBPT in grazed pastures (primarily in New Zealand) that were fertilised with urea or with animal urine.
2015), especially the addition of urease inhibitors such as N-(n-butyl)thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) and the coating of N fertilizers with polymers, resins and gypsum (Sanz-Cobena et al.
Paramasivam, Use of the Urease Inhibitor N-(N-butyl)Thiophosphoric Triamide Decreased Nitrogen Leaching from Urea in a Fine Sandy Soil, Water Air Soil Pollution.
There were seven treatments: (N-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) applied at rates of 0.
Jiao Bin synthesized the antistatic MC nylon-6 by addition of hexamethylphosphoric triamide (HPT).
1]) and three urea-based fertilizers (A, B and C), with and without the urease inhibitor Thiophosphate N-n-butyl triamide (NBPT) from two different suppliers.
N-(n-butyl) phosphoric triamide and cyclohexylphosphoric triamide (Chai and Bremner 1987; Keerthisinghe and Blakely 1995; Byrnes and Freney 1995), although hydroquinone and 2, 5-dimethyl p-benzoquinone can provide inhibition at high concentrations (Tomlinson 1970; Xu et al.
Urease inhibitors such as NBPT (N-[nbutyl]thiophosphoric triamide, trade name Agrotain[R]) inhibit urease activity in soil.
As a means of increasing the number of the chiral hydroxyl sites, a triamide that possessed a total of 12 chiral hydroxyl groups was prepared.
3] loss from urea is the phosphoroamide N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBTPT).
Varel added as little as 10 milligrams (35 millionths of an ounce) of urease-inhibiting cyclohexylphosphoric triamide (CHPT) per liter of manure slurry mixture.