geodesic dome

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geodesic dome

(Architecture) a light structural framework arranged as a set of polygons in the form of a shell and covered with sheeting made of plastic, plywood, metal, etc; developed by Buckminster Fuller

ge′odes′ic dome′

a light domelike structure developed by R. Buckminster Fuller, consisting of a framework of straight members, usu. in tension, typically having the form of a projection upon a sphere of a grid of triangular or polygonal faces.

ge·o·des·ic dome

(jē′ə-dĕs′ĭk, jē′ə-dē′sĭk)
A structure having the shape of a dome or partial sphere but made of flat triangular pieces that fit rigidly together.
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Noun1.geodesic dome - a lightweight dome constructed of interlocking polygons; invented by R. Buckminster Fuller
dome - a hemispherical roof

geodesic dome

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Assuming the V is part of the solution for Delaunay type no structure triangle mesh, control volume can take as triangular element, the average per unit of conserved variables configured in the center of the unit.
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In the Mirant mark, two triangular shapes intersect to create a third triangular element, which portrays a sense of corporate unity in joining the company's three geographically diverse business groups (Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific).
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