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scar·i·fy 1

tr.v. scar·i·fied, scar·i·fy·ing, scar·i·fies
a. To make shallow cuts in (the skin), as when vaccinating.
b. To create a design on (the skin) by means of shallow cuts that are sometimes rubbed with a colorant or irritant to enhance the resulting scar tissue.
2. To break up the surface of (topsoil or pavement).
3. To distress deeply, as with severe criticism; lacerate.
4. Botany To slit or soften the outer coat of (seeds) in order to speed germination.

[Middle English scarifien, from Old French scarifier, from Late Latin scarīficāre, alteration of Latin scarīfāre, from Greek skarīphāsthai, to sketch, scratch, from skarīphos, pencil, stylus; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

scar′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
scar′i·fi′er n.

scar·i·fy 2

tr.v. scar·i·fied, scar·i·fy·ing, scar·i·fies
To scare.


n. escarificación, acto de hacer punturas o raspaduras en la piel.
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Other accounts of the prophecy describe the messiah as being left-handed, unmarked by tribal scars in the forehead and gap-teethed; the prophecy also indicated that he would marry a white woman (Adeba 2015).
Like most of the young rebels, if they came across a dark-skinned person with three parallel tribal scars etched into their pleading faces, the AK-47s were cocked and fired.
In front of the bathroom mirror she had slashed her face with lipstick, drawing it down over her cheeks like tribal scars.
Among 21 of his rarely-seen portraits on sale is an iconic 1970s shot of a young officer in a cap with two etched tribal scars on his cheeks.
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