Tribute money

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money paid as a tribute or tax.

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07590 471888 MUSIC Money For Nothing - Dire Straits Tribute Money For Nothing are billed as the ultimate tribute to Dire Straits, offering the sounds of one of the most successful rock bands of all time.
They include Gramatica's Christ disputing with the Doctors, c.1613, Caravaggio's The Supper at Emmaus, 1601 and The Taking of Christ, 1602, together with Serodine's The Tribute Money, 1625.
Dire Straits tribute Money for Nothing is a must see for any Dire Straits fan.
We should remember that after conducting a truce with Acre, the Muslims were late in paying the tribute money that was agreed to with the Crusaders; this caused King Richard to gather the Muslim hostages together and kill them all, even though Salah al-Din had pardoned before 3,000 Crusaders in Jerusalem after the city was conquered, when they were unable to pay the royalties that had been imposed on them.
Masaccio's pioneering style, with sculptural forms and carved-out spaces is extolled, often with emphasis on the Tribute Money. (6) The figures in the confronting scene, the Miracle at the Temple and the Raising of Tabitha by Masolino, have invited stylistic comparison.
(9) The absence of a 'Delivery of the Keys' in this retelling of Peter's story raises the possibility that the Tribute Money was intended as its substitute, (10) A different proposal is that Donatello's small relief combining the Delivery of the Keys with the Ascension was originally intended for the altarpiece of the chapel, perhaps as a predella.
A senior Japanese government official urged Chinese-Malaysian groups Thursday not to have high hopes that their demands for repayment of tribute money extorted from their community during the Second World War, would be met.
In the manner of Giotto, Masaccio and Michelangelo, students applied traditional techniques to produce their own frescos based on a detail of Massacio's "Tribute Money." The procedure was intensive, and the students came away with new art history knowledge, along with new skills in a historically important art form.
The administration had demanded the Chinese community pay ''tribute money'' in exchange for the lives and property of the Chinese and to atone for the Chinese role in prewar anti-Japanese activities.
In the civic vein, the figures in Masaccio's Tribute Money `have "taken their stand" and are prepared to accept the consequences of that decision--indisputably men of integrity'.
This conception of Jesus as belonging to a class which despised money as being not real in the same way as objects, and not worthy of being offered to God, is supported by reference to the pericopes of the templetax, the tribute money, and the widow's mite; while the approach to sacrifice which lays stress upon the offerer's ownership, symbolized (Chilton believes) by the laying on of the hand, is shown to be shared by Jesus with Pharisaic currents by reference to the discussion between the houses of Hillel and Shammai over the necessity of that action in b.
THE PROCESS In an effort to simplify, all my students worked with a photocopied image of a detail from Masaccio's Tribute Money. At the beginning of the workshop each student prepared a cartoon (a preliminary drawing of what is going to be painted).