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Noun1.Trichechidae - comprising only the manateesTrichechidae - comprising only the manatees  
mammal family - a family of mammals
order Sirenia, Sirenia - an animal order including: manatees; dugongs; Steller's sea cow
genus Trichecus, Trichechus - type and sole genus of the Trichechidae
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Antillean manatee Trichechus manatus manatus (Sirenia: Trichechidae) as a motile ecosystem of epibiont fauna in the Caribbean Sea, Mexico.
The relation between the size of the ribs and the vertebrae exclude most of the cetaceans and sirenians such as Trichechidae and some Dugongidae (e.g.
latirostris Daudin (Alligatoridae), was used for treatment of asthma and stroke; bird species like Gallus domesticus Linnaeus (Phasianidae) and Rhea americana Linnaeus (Rheidae) were used for treatment of catarrh and boils, and general aches, respectively; mammalian species used included Trichecus inunguis Natterer (Trichechidae), Nasua nasua Hagman (Procyonidae), Mazama cf.