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(ˌtɪrətʃɪrəˈpʌlɪ; tɪˌruːtʃɪˈrɑːpəlɪ) or


(Placename) an industrial city in S India, in central Tamil Nadu on the Cauvery River: dominated by a rock fortress 83 m (273 ft) high. Pop: 746 062 (2001)


or Tir•uch•chi•rap•pal•li

(ˌtɪr ʊ tʃɪˈrɒp ə li)

a city in central Tamil Nadu, in S India. 387,223.
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By way of assisting meditation, he had even gone the length of taking out his flint and steel and tinder, and hammering away for a quarter of an hour till he had manufactured a light for a long Trichinopoli cheroot, which he silently puffed, to the no small wonder of coachee, who was an old friend, and an institution on the Bath road, and who always expected a talk on the prospects and doings, agricultural and social, of the whole country, when he carried the Squire.
The last day we were in an Indian city I asked Putnam if I could get some Trichinopoli cigars, he directed me to a little place opposite his lodgings.