Trichoglossus moluccanus

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Noun1.Trichoglossus moluccanus - a kind of lorikeetTrichoglossus moluccanus - a kind of lorikeet      
lorikeet - any of various small lories
genus Trichoglossus, Trichoglossus - a genus of Loriinae
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Pathogenic bacterial strains of this genus can be acquired in birds from ingestion, wound contamination or overgrowth of normal gastrointestinal flora (Filippich and Domrow, 1985).This report describes incidence, diagnostic and therapeutic modalities of clostridial enteritis in red lories (Eos bornea), rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) and green naped lorikeet (Trichoglossus hematodus hematodus) maintained at commercial parrot farm in Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
In second outbreak, two rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) and two green naped lorikeet (Trichoglossus hematodus hematodus) died.