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Noun1.Trichomanes - bristle fernsTrichomanes - bristle ferns; kidney ferns    
family Hymenophyllaceae, Hymenophyllaceae - terrestrial (hygrophytic) or epiphytic ferns: filmy ferns
bristle fern, filmy fern - any fern of the genus Trichomanes having large pinnatifid often translucent fronds; most are epiphytic on tree branches and twigs or terrestrial on mossy banks
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
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to guttation in gametophytes of the fem Asplenium trichomanes as well as
Trichomanes bucinatum Mickel & Beitel Acatlan: P.
Ecological diversity and adaptive tendencies in the tropical fern Trichomanes L.
Nephrolepis multiflora (Lomariopsidaceae), Trichomanes reptans (Hymenophyllaceae), Thelypteris serrata (Thelypteridaceae), Galeandra beyrichii, Pescatorea cf.
Embora, Trichomanes angustatum tenha sido registrada por Schmitt (2006) sobre Cyatheaceae, no Rio Grande do Sul, provavelmente, a especie nao ocorreu no FII, em decorrencia das possiveis plantas hospedeiras medirem menos de 1,5 m de altura.
Alders on ravines and banks hosting populations of paleotropical ferns of community interest: Woodwardia radicans and Trichomanes speciosum .
Diervilla rivularis, Lobelia amoena, Thermopsis fraxinifolia and Trichomanes petersii), and four of special concern (Acer leucoderme, Galium uniflorum, Panax quinquefolius.
Regarding seasonal patterns, most of the species were evergreen, with three active species during the rainy season, Danaea elliptica, Pteridium arachnoideum and Salpichlaena volubilis, and only one poikilohydric species, Trichomanes pinnatum (Table 1).
2000) para Stegnogramma griffithii o para Asplenium trichomanes, sin embargo la segunda resulto acumuladora de La en ambos trabajos.
In addition, one taxon, Asplenium trichomanes Linnaeus, reported by Woods and Diamond (2007) based on a single collection made from the study area was recently annotated by Jack Short to A.
The tiny Maidenhair Spleenwort, Asplenium trichomanes, not a lover of acidic soils, is an ideal candidate for dry stone walls, crevices and rocky places in the shade.
I'd recommened Hymenophyllum or perhaps Trichomanes.