Trichosurus vulpecula

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Noun1.Trichosurus vulpecula - bushy-tailed phalangerTrichosurus vulpecula - bushy-tailed phalanger    
opossum, phalanger, possum - small furry Australian arboreal marsupials having long usually prehensile tails
genus Trichosurus, Trichosurus - a genus of Phalangeridae
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In order of abundance, the most widely detected native animals (in most reserves) were Common Brushtail Possum Trichosurus vulpecula, Common Ringtail Possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus, Striped Marsh Frog Limnodynastes peronii, Southern Brown Tree Frog Litoria ewingii, Garden Skink Lampropholis guichenoti, Little Forest Bat Vespadelus vulturnus, Superb Fairy-wren Malurus cyaneus, Common Froglet Crinia signifera, Eastern Yellow Robin Eopsaltria australis, Delicate Skink Lampropholis delicata, and Weasel Skink Saproscincus mustelinus.
For example, PSMs had a greater effect on foraging patterns of brushtail possums Trichosurus vulpecula (Kirmani et al.
The effect of inactivating tannins on the intake of Eucalyptus foliage by a specialist Eucalyptus folivore Pseudocheirus peregrines and a generalist herbivore Trichosurus vulpecula.
The treatment of the common brush tailed possum, Trichosurus vulpecula, provides an excellent example of the way that people deem what is important.
Induction of xenobiotic metabolising enzymes in the common brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula, by Eucalyptus terpenes.
Experimental infection of Australian brushtail possums, Trichosurus vulpecula (Phalangeridae: Marsupialia), with Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses by use of a natural mosquito vector system.