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Noun1.toad lily - a floating or creeping Indian lettuce having terminal racemes of pale rose flowers; wet areas at high elevations of western North America
Indian lettuce - a plant of the genus Montia having edible pleasant-tasting leaves
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PLANT OF THE WEEK TRICYRTIS HIRTA This is a really exotic beauty from Japan - although its common name of hairy toad lily would not indicate this.
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from callus cultures of several species in the genus Tricyrtis. In Vitro Cell.
For something a little more unusual, try the toad lily, Tricyrtis. With its exotic-looking spotted foliage it may remind you of an orchid, but it's fully hardy and prefers partial or full shade.
Mizunashi et al., "Somaclonal variation in Tricyrtis hirta plants regenerated from 1-year-old embryogenic callus cultures," Scientia Horticulturae, vol.
Alice Longfellow, owner of Longfellow's Garden Center in Centertown, Missouri, in Zone 6, lists foxglove, tricyrtis and serviceberry at the top of her list for light shade.
Wants: clematis vine, chamomile, Chinese lanterns, hardy daylilies, fern leaf bleeding heart, jack-in-the-pulpit, trilliums, phlox, woodruff, small purple hyacinth, snow drops, crocus, goldenseal, ginseng, zinnias, morning glories, toad lily (Tricyrtis), Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan), tulip
Clumps of Tricyrtis, the toad lilies, the whitish Lilium wallichianum, the rather creepy Lilium Nepalese with a dark oxblood heart to its flowers.
AI suspect it's a toad lily or tricyrtis formosana, which I also have in my garden.
There are other autumn-flowering bulbs and tubers which have to be planted earlier in the year to give their best from September onwards, including some dahlias, gladioli and the toad lily (Tricyrtis formosana), a woodland plant which makes good clumps in the dappled shade betweentrees, producing wonderful clusters of star-shaped white or pale pink flowers spotted with purple-red.
For the autumn, for my money the yellow Tricyrtis macrantha is unbeatable.