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a.1.Short and ready; fleet; as, a tride pace; - a term used by sportsmen.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Elliott takes it all in his tride and obliges all-comers.
| Tride and true | My mom is my angle | Hart breaker | The wadges of sin is death | Only God can fudge me | Death before dishouner | And, most poignant of all: No regerts.
3: Kriteria pro zarazeni firmy dle trid inovacniho potencialu v hodnocenem okruhu Trida Rozmezi Hodnoceni Charakteristika fy v dane tride bodu inovacniho potencialu A 21 a vice vysoky Respondenti volili pro odpovedi na otazky daneho okruhu nejcasteji variantu "d".
I am sure that during the reigns of Manglon Mangtsen (mang blon mang btsan), Tride Tsuktsen (khri lde gtsug btsan) and other Tibetan kings, this whole country was under the rule of Tibet.
The Cow Creek Bank of Umpqua Tride of Indians gave Bradbury and Kitzhaber $5,000 each.
Indeed by this my credit sure is tride, For I owe much to maintaine her in pride.
The bad weather lasted all week and on February 17 John Valentine wrote: "We tride (sic) to get on deck but soon went down again, the waters is on the deck every five or ten minutes.
And all the rest, oh were the king returnde, There might bee hope, but ere his comming home, They may be tride, condemnd, and iudgde, & dead.
James Thucydus Beauchamp Son of Tomes Turl and Tenny Beauchamp Born 29th december 1864 and both Well Wanted to call him Theophilus but Tride Amodeus McCaslin and Callina McCaslin and both dide so Disswaded Them Born at Two clock A, m, both Well (p.
From school captain to head of the quiz team and managing director of her school's Young Enterprise company, Laura takes being a leader in her tride.
"Valueless" is also first recorded in Shakespeare in the last decade of the sixteenth century, where its sense, in opposition to "priceless," is "destitute of value, having no value" ("You Haue beguil'd me with a counterfeit / Resembling Maiesty, which being touch'd and tride, / Proues valuelesse," King John [3.1.101]).
125 Or the truth should be tride Ye be therat so byting But God that sitteth on hye So haue on me mercie If I entent to lye