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 (trī-dĕn′tīn′, -tēn′)
1. Of or relating to an ecumenical council held by the Roman Catholic Church in Trent, Italy, from 1545 to 1563, as a response to calls for reform and the spread of Protestantism.
2. Of or relating to the decrees, reforms, or results of that council: the Tridentine Catechism.
A Roman Catholic who rigorously conforms to the Tridentine Creed formulated at that council.

[Medieval Latin Tridentīnus, from Latin, area around Tridentum, from Tridentum (Trent).]


(Historical Terms) history
a. of or relating to the Council of Trent
b. in accord with Tridentine doctrine
(Roman Catholic Church) an orthodox Roman Catholic
[C16: from Medieval Latin Tridentīnus, from Tridentum Trent]


(traɪˈdɛn tɪn, -taɪn, -tin)

of or pertaining to the Council of Trent or its decrees.
[1555–65; < Medieval Latin Tridentīnus; compare Latin Tridentīnus area of the Rhaetian Alps around Trent (ancient Tridentum)]


[traɪˈdentaɪn] ADJtridentino


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And even if celebrant and congregation really understood the peculiar Latin of the Mass, would many be likely to know whence came all the components of the so-called Tridentine Mass and what a strange patchwork it is?
Due to Macy's essay, as well as to Isabelle Brian's focusing only on eucharistic devotion outside the Mass and not on the Tridentine liturgical reforms, the volume is weak as regards the pre-Reformation and Tridentine Catholic Church.
George described himself as a new Catholic who wanted the Tridentine Mass back--something different from the English Mass we now have.
No pompous entourage or large crowd of well-wishers greeted the couple as they walked down the aisle, side by side with the priest for the Tridentine Mass, which lasted for another hour.
In May 1999, O'Connor became Mother Bernadette Mary at a ceremony in Lourdes by the breakaway Latin Tridentine church.
Alfani then shows that the practice of godparenthood underwent significant change due to Tridentine conciliar legislation.
Tridentine rules were imposed only after the turmoil reached a crescendo, as a measure to restore peace in the convent.
O'Connor, who was ordained as a priest in the breakaway Tridentine Church, described the Pope's pastoral letter as "a thesis in the art of lying".
Pius X--scheduled for mid-October--the prior of a German SSPX community claimed that for 10 consecutive days this summer he had celebrated a Tridentine Mass in St.
1440-1629), he begins with a weak cultic situation that nonetheless offered opportunity for revival, even in the difficult Tridentine situation.
It is now being used again for worship and the traditional Tridentine Latin Mass is celebrated on Sunday evenings at 6pm.
The twenty year period of pastoral action of the Milan Archbishop Carlo Borromeo, are examined in the light of the "social disciplining," that was a basic component of the Reform, and a sign of the evolution of the modern State and society after the Tridentine turning point.