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 (trī-dĕn′tīn′, -tēn′)
1. Of or relating to an ecumenical council held by the Roman Catholic Church in Trent, Italy, from 1545 to 1563, as a response to calls for reform and the spread of Protestantism.
2. Of or relating to the decrees, reforms, or results of that council: the Tridentine Catechism.
A Roman Catholic who rigorously conforms to the Tridentine Creed formulated at that council.

[Medieval Latin Tridentīnus, from Latin, area around Tridentum, from Tridentum (Trent).]
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(Historical Terms) history
a. of or relating to the Council of Trent
b. in accord with Tridentine doctrine
(Roman Catholic Church) an orthodox Roman Catholic
[C16: from Medieval Latin Tridentīnus, from Tridentum Trent]
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(traɪˈdɛn tɪn, -taɪn, -tin)

of or pertaining to the Council of Trent or its decrees.
[1555–65; < Medieval Latin Tridentīnus; compare Latin Tridentīnus area of the Rhaetian Alps around Trent (ancient Tridentum)]
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[traɪˈdentaɪn] ADJtridentino
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There appears to be some great controversy over the fact that Pope Benedict XVI has encouraged the return of the Latin Tridentine Mass, in its pre-conciliar form, including a prayer for the Jewish people, that they might accept Jesus as the promised Messiah of the Old Testament.
Forster begins his study by examining an aggressive Tridentine program that lay and clerical leaders attempted to impose in the early years of Catholic reform.
He added: "This sect only celebrate the Tridentine Mass and attract monied professionals who hand over their cash and assets."
Even in the Tridentine world which demanded strict claustration of all solemnly professed religious women, these women monitored the finances of their families and insisted upon the prompt payment of various sums.
This examination of the forces that shaped Tridentine Catholicism and Teresa's response to the strictures of that context is indispensable to understanding the saint's motivations and accomplishments.
As happened in 2007 when rumors circulated that Pope Benedict XVI would restore the Tridentine Mass as an option for Catholics unhappy with the Second Vatican Council, trial balloons are once again going up about another change to the Mass most Catholics celebrate and find meaningful.
on the new permission for the Tridentine Mass (Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2007)"
The Pope is under stood to have signed a universal indult giving priests permission to celebrate the Tridentine Mass of Pius V (1570) unless expressly forbidden to do so by their diocesan bishop.
Self-styled Archbishop Michael Cox, of the breakaway Latin Tridentine Church, vowed to remove the "evil people" from Leinster House.
VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI has reformulated a Good Friday prayer, removing language about the "blindness" of the Jews but preserving a call for their conversion, The new prayer replaces the one contained in the 1962 Roman Missal, sometimes called the Tridentine rite or Latin Mass.
Possible solutions under discussion at the Vatican include wider permission to use the Tridentine Mass; however, the Society would first have to accept Vatican II teachings on ecumenism and religious liberty.
It changed no dogmas and affirmed every tradition of the Catholic Church, including the Tridentine Latin Mass.