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Noun1.Triga - type genus of the TriglidaeTriga - type genus of the Triglidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Triglidae, Triglidae - in some classifications restricted to the gurnards and subdivided into the subfamilies Triglinae (true sea robins) and Peristediinae (armored sea robins)
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Similar to the TRIGA Mark II reactor, the DNRR consists of many components such as a neutron trap, water gaps, irradiation channels, horizontal beam ports, beryllium blocks, control rods, rotary specimen rack, and graphite reflector.
Ele possui um reator nuclear de pesquisa do tipo TRIGA (Training, Research, isotopes, General Atomics), uma unidade de pesquisa e producao de radiofarmacos, um laboratorio de irradiacao gama e instalacoes-piloto para processamento de bens minerais, alem de um excelente parque laboratorial com cerca de 50 laboratorios de ensaios fisicos e quimicos (CDTN, 2015).
The experiment was carried out at the polarimeter beam line of the tangential beam port of the research reactor facility TRIGA Mark II at the Atominstitut, Vienna University of Technology, where mainly fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics are investigated [22-25].
The essence of that would-be deal was that Western powers would recognise Iran's legitimate rights under the Nuclear-Non Proliferation Treaty including uranium enrichment for civilian purposes: nuclear energy such as fuelling its Triga reactor (which needs 20pc enriched fuel) and medical research including the production of isotopes necessary for treating cancer patients.
Ensuite, le Maroc a vu, la mise en service de la premiere installation nucleaire a travers le reacteur de recherches TRIGA Mark II de puissance 2 megawatts, du Centre national de l'energie, des sciences et des techniques nucleaires (le CNESTEN) installe au CENM de la Maamora dans la region de Kenitra.
natio the trigA the in S As well as 1029 men and women, site contains details of 105 babies UNMARKED GRAVEs.
The 308 Building also featured a high-bay referred to as the 308A Building, which was constructed in 1971, the 308A Building housed the Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics (TRIGA) test reactor, used to perform neutron radiography quality testing of fuel elements and fuel components.
Mendez, Fernando, Mario Mendez, Vasiliki Triga, (2009), Direct Democracy in the European Union: How Comparative Federalism can Help us Understand the Interplay of Direct Democracy and European Integration in Revista de Ciencia Politica volume 29, No.
In the end, Brazil took PQ's top honor, the Golden Triga, for couching its painstakingly curated display in an evocative, homelike structure, and the exhibitors packed up and went home.
1979 Istanbul Technical University's research reactor (TRIGA Mark-II 250 kilowatt) goes critical; construction started on 1 April 1975; only remaining research reactor in Turkey (IAEA safeguarded) 12 Sept.
The total acquisition cost was US$36.3 million plus a further US$1.7 million placed into escrowed to acquire third party revenue interests in some of the wells.Important Corporate NewsIvanhoe Australia (ASX:IVA) chief executive Peter Reeve, along with chairman Robert Friedland have announced that drilling on the Triga prospect of its Cloncurry tenements has returned a significant intersection of copper, gold and cobalt mineralisations.