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Noun1.Triga - type genus of the TriglidaeTriga - type genus of the Triglidae    
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Triglidae, Triglidae - in some classifications restricted to the gurnards and subdivided into the subfamilies Triglinae (true sea robins) and Peristediinae (armored sea robins)
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Ele possui um reator nuclear de pesquisa do tipo TRIGA (Training, Research, isotopes, General Atomics), uma unidade de pesquisa e producao de radiofarmacos, um laboratorio de irradiacao gama e instalacoes-piloto para processamento de bens minerais, alem de um excelente parque laboratorial com cerca de 50 laboratorios de ensaios fisicos e quimicos (CDTN, 2015).
8) Fernando Mendez, Mario Mendez, Vasiliki Triga, "Direct Democracy in the European Union: How Comparative Federalism can Help us Understand the Interplay of Direct Democracy and European Integration", in Revista de Ciencia Politica, volume 29, No 1, 2009, pp.
In the end, Brazil took PQ's top honor, the Golden Triga, for couching its painstakingly curated display in an evocative, homelike structure, and the exhibitors packed up and went home.
Important Corporate NewsIvanhoe Australia (ASX:IVA) chief executive Peter Reeve, along with chairman Robert Friedland have announced that drilling on the Triga prospect of its Cloncurry tenements has returned a significant intersection of copper, gold and cobalt mineralisations.
Some recent activities in Central and Eastern Europe by major Western players include the acquisition of automotive refinishes importer and distributor Webolit Polska by BASF, the takeover of powder coatings distributor Polsver Lakiery Proszkowe (Poland) by DuPont, and the purchase of a stake in distributor Triga Color (Czech Republic) by SigmaKalon (now part of PPG).
We have adopted a lion Inder, white tiger Bhagat and a panther Triga.
La vieja Celestina, quien resucita en la "Segunda" Celestina, le advierte sobre el poder hechicero de la musica a Polandria para ganar su confianza: "Que te guardes del diablo, senora, y por los ojos que en la cara tienes, que no le oyes taner, ni cantar, que en mi alma, una gracia tiene en hacello, que pienso que no hay piedra iman que a si triga el acero como con su voz los corazones de las mujeres llama.
Anthracopoulos M, Karatza A, In the months of January and Liolios E, Triga M, Triantou K, February of 1978, 1991, and Priftis K.
In June it acquired Primalex, a wall paint maker in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in November it acquired an 80% stake in Triga Color from GIMV Czech and Slovak SME Fund and company founder Lubomir Jansta.
Triga MG, Syrogiannopoulos GA, Thoma KD, Fezoulidis IB, Pastromas VG, Beratis NG.
The analysis used the TRIGA Mark II Reactor of the LENA laboratory of the University of Pavia, Italy.