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a.1.(Chem.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid, C4H7N3O2, obtained, by the action of the vapor of cyanic acid on cold aldehyde, as a white crystalline substance having a slightly acid taste and faint smell; - called also ethidene-biuret or ethylidene-biuret.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Now with an archive consisting of a jaw-dropping 22,000 styles, the shoe label has a couple of iconic designs to its name: the 1950s classic Clarks Desert Boot, the sports casual hybrid Nature, and the classic-in-the-making Trigenic Flex.
The digenic and trigenic epistasis and linked digenic integrations have been observed by Gupta and Phul (1981) in Peral millet.
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Three levels of epistasis among yield genes are considered: no epistasis, digenic epistasis, and trigenic epistasis.
The ratio of the plants in the two groups was 82:49, which fits the trigenic ratio of 42:22 (P = 0.46).
Failure of our epistatic model can also indicate higher order linked or unlinked epistatic interactions (e.g., trigenic epistasis) (Mather and Jinks, 1971) or confounding of some epistatic effects within the measurement for additive effects (Cheverud and Routman, 1995).
trigenic and tetragenic models, and demonstrate the importance of cytoplasmic interaction in the inheritance of many traits in peanut.