trigger finger

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trig′ger fin`ger

any finger, usu. the forefinger, that presses the trigger of a gun.
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It must have been the latter cause which kept the trigger finger of the steady hand from exerting the little pressure that would have brought the great beast to at least a temporary pause.
Upon trial he found the trigger finger too numb for movement.
The Arabs raised their rifles to pour in the last volley that would effectually end all resistance; but Achmet Zek roared out a warning order that stayed their trigger fingers.
Suddenly the long tail snapped stiffly erect, and as though it had been attached to two trigger fingers the two rifles spoke in unison, for both men knew this signal only too well--the immediate forerunner of a deadly charge.
From what I read online, apparently in fast shooting it's a grave style error if the trigger finger comes off the face of the trigger during the forward movement.
So-called "bump firing" is a technique in which the gun is held somewhat loosely to allow a rocking back-and-forth motion against the trigger finger in order to simulate automatic fire in semi-automatic firearms.
3x62 recoil was it occasionally smacked my trigger finger with the trigger guard.
Trigger finger is a common cause of hand pain in the adult population.
Right handers will be told to crush the frame with your left hand and let the right hand do nothing but position the trigger finger.
All the while, his trigger finger remained properly indexed along the frame of the pistol.
Now do a similar exercise with just your trigger finger.
was part of the purchase price, as were the following brands: Abstract, China Doll, Machete, Mannequin, Mercury Head, Mute, Palermo, Papillon, Slander, Trigger Finger and Veladora.