Trigger fish

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(Zool.) a large plectognath fish (Balistes Carolinensis or Balistes capriscus) common on the southern coast of the United States, and valued as a food fish in some localities. Its rough skin is used for scouring and polishing in the place of sandpaper. Called also leather jacket, and turbot.

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At a depth of 12 meters, divers find themselves surrounded by a wide variety of colorful fish, including the famous Picasso Trigger fish.
Lane, mangrove and red snapper along with trigger fish and grouper can all be found on our nearshore reefs and live bottom.
It is planned to trigger fish movements into improved waterways that will better allow the critically endangered silver perch and golden perch through the Lower Loddon and up Pyramid Creek to Kow Swamp and access the great habitat in the Loddon River around Canary Island and below Loddon Weir.
The club's roving competition was won by Neil Owen who caught two mullet and added a trigger fish for a weight of 2.
But it doesn't always need to touch down on the bottom to trigger fish.
TRIGGER fish are more associated with warmer waters than those off Scotland.
Our last drop was in open water, where we came face to face with a giant trigger fish.
The restaurant's Valentine's Day dinner will showcase a variety of seafood selections including Asian tuna tartar, pan seared trigger fish, shrimp-and-tasso stuffed flounder, and a vanilla bean creme brulee.
Parrot fish, trigger fish, clownfish and even duos of inquisitive wrasse.
Youngsters can enjoy incredibly close underwater encounters with everything from two-metre-long zebra sharks and black and white tip reef sharks to bamboo sharks, wobbegongs and hundreds of brightly-coloured reef species like trigger fish and puffer fish.
However, another scientific theory is that over-fishing has radically reduced the numbers of many of the jellyfish's predators such as trigger fish, sunfish and turtles.
Every morning before breakfast, my partner and I climbed down the villa's stilts and snorkelled straight from our sundeck into the sea, to be welcomed by glittering parrot and trigger fish.