trigger finger

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trig′ger fin`ger

any finger, usu. the forefinger, that presses the trigger of a gun.
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Many years ago I also got trigger thumb, which was confusing.
It's important to focus on the dorsoradial aspect of the thumb during the physical exam and to rule out other causes of pain, such as de Quervain's tenosynovitis, flexor carpi radialis tendinitis, CTS, and trigger thumb.
Experts define these as repetitive stress injuries or cumulative trauma disorders, but nicknames include BlackBerry thumb, iPhonitis, Nintendonitis, trigger thumb.
Due to his age and that the palpable thickening did not appear discrete, a simple diagnosis of trigger thumb was questioned and further investigations arranged.
Bilateral trigger thumb only occurs every 1 in 1,000 live births.
This involves the flexor pollicis longus muscle (see Figure 1) and is referred to as trigger thumb.
Harry has a rare condition called trigger thumb, which meant there was a problem with the way the tendon of the thumb moved through its sheath, causing it to swell and lock.
Marks on the trigger thumb and on the palm of the hand used to steady the gun documented in every detail the officer's version of the incident.
The two most common causes of pediatric thumb flexion deformities are trigger thumb and clasped thumb.
This was imposed upon me because I developed what is called a trigger thumb on my right hand which made it unusable for the sort of tasks you take for granted.
Percutaneous release of trigger thumb combined with a corticosteroid injection provides greater symptom relief than the injection alone.
3,4,5) Our patient presented with trigger thumb, a common condition which is either congenital or acquired.