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v. i.1.To act secretly, or in an underhand way; to tamper.
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Numerous studies have been carried out on factors that influence XBRL adoption (Premuroso and Bhattacharya, 2008; Henderson, Sheetz and Trinkle, 2011; Henderson, Sheetz and Trinkle; 2012) such as image and firm reputation (Bonson, Cortijo, and Escobar, 2009), perceived usefulness and absorption capacity (Pinsker, 2008) and technological factors (Gray and Miller, 2009).
prior to beginning construction on the new facilities, the existing trinkle hall (approximately 31,000 gsf) will be renovated to become swing space for pbk.
Location: Hillsborough Community College Plant City Campus - Trinkle Center
Liberty University (Alpha Alpha Iota) 5 December 2014: Alexander Adams, Rebecca Barker, Scott Borgia, Ashley Jordan Brown, Jessica Clark, Samuel Knauss, Leanna Marino, Tyler Melton, Kyle Mitchell, Michael O'Neil, Veronica Rupert, Kaitlyn Schiess, Leslie Trinkle, Kiley Vest, Rachel Yu.
Finally, although exit from the foster care system has been associated with a substantial number of negative outcomes, with few exceptions (Strolin-Goltzman, Kollar, & Trinkle, 2010), scholars know little about the factors that contribute to resilience among African American women once they leave the system.
Fleischmann, 2013; Soares, Eaton, & Smith, 2013; Staley & Trinkle, 2011).
Trinkle, Cars, Congress, and Clean Air for the Northeast: A Separation of Powers Analysis of the Ozone Transport Commission, 23 B.
Other familiar themes are Never Let Me Go and Monk's Trinkle Tinkle.
See Trinkle, "Million Shares Club," for more information on major financial institutions that own more than 1 million shares of private prison stock, which include major music industry holdings; Beard v.
Sisk, and AJ Trinkle used continuous PD to treat a patient with obstructive renal failure (Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Dialysis Division, 1987).
The closing tercets of "The Snow Man" prefigure this entire phase of Stevens's life and work, for he lingers with the twilight that he senses in "A Discovery" and the midnight that is imminent in order to create fields of snowmen awaiting readers to come, awaiting them neither with a dismissal of ephemerality nor a consolatory, futural vision but, rather, with a pedagogic component of how one might build one's own snowmen, listen to a wind without misery, and continue--even amongst continuing's impossibility--the task of learning to bid farewell, even when the leafless wind blows and sounds trinkle distantly, obscurely, faintly.