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v. i.1.To act secretly, or in an underhand way; to tamper.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Vols added one in the fifth and blew the game open in the sixth with a five-run frame highlighted by a back-to-back two-out RBI singles from Ashton Creal and Cooper Trinkle.
LIAM DOWLING will go into 2019 with a massively strong team, and can end the old year on a high note with Ballymac Arminta and Ballymac Trinkle representing the Kerry kennel in the final of the Gain Christmas Oaks at Shelbourne Park tonight.
There are several types of jhumkas that have come into the market like jhumkas- hoops, half jhumkas, casual trinkle etc for more variety to get the best look at the wedding.
According to ( a report on the Washington Examiner , Granados and his partner, Will Trinkle, filed a lawsuit against the Roanoke Athletic Club in 2012 after it revoked their family membership in 2012.
[22.] Grover FL, Richardson JD, Fewel JG, Arom KV, Webb GE, Trinkle JK, et al.
Mechanical ventilatory support is not always mandatory for the treatment of flail chest (12); its need depends on the severity of ARF and existing co-morbidities, such as pulmonary contusion and post-traumatic ALL In 1975, Trinkle et al.
Lastly, Kagan, Henry, Richardson, Trinkle, and LaFrenier (2014), developed a group program for children and adolescents focused on emotional regulation, affective social support, and life history integration to build resources and resilience skills.
The relationship of the force generated by these static components can be defined as intra-abdominal pressure (MALBRAIN et al., 2006), and it is also closely related to hemodynamic and ventilatory changes (RICHARDSON & TRINKLE, 1976; JAPIASSU et al., 2007).
Numerous studies have been carried out on factors that influence XBRL adoption (Premuroso and Bhattacharya, 2008; Henderson, Sheetz and Trinkle, 2011; Henderson, Sheetz and Trinkle; 2012) such as image and firm reputation (Bonson, Cortijo, and Escobar, 2009), perceived usefulness and absorption capacity (Pinsker, 2008) and technological factors (Gray and Miller, 2009).
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