n.1.(Mus.) Same as Triplet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Fujitsu's position is reflected through a strong focus on proactive management and continuous improvement of the service through its Sense and Respond methodology and the investments in the Service Desk portfolio with standardised solutions underpinned by TRIOLE for Services, its standard global service management tool.
It is commonly believed that the higher liquidity levels found in equity-based capitalism favor research and innovation (Holmstrom & Triole, 1993), facilitate mergers and acquisitions (Jensen & Murphy, 1990), and encourage risk management (Levine, 1991).
Now, under Fujitsu's TRIOLE concept for standardized quality of servicewhich takes into account every aspect of runninga system, including costs, reliability, performance, operations, and administrationthe infrastructure services that support these needs are increasingly being standardized on a global basis in terms of service platforms and service methods.
This exhibit features the Fujitsu TRIOLE IT infrastructure in showcasing a variety of products and solutions designed to address the IT challenges facing managers, including the optimization of IT infrastructure, maintenance of business continuity, and management of information security.
Additional benefits, including a reduction in the cost of operations, can be achieved when Interstage Application Server v7 is implemented as part of the Fujitsu TRIOLE IT infrastructure.
* New provisioning support in Interstage Application Server v7 deploys and configures the necessary software resources for adding a server to a live system when used as part of the TRIOLE infrastructure.