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Noun1.Trionychidae - soft-shelled turtlesTrionychidae - soft-shelled turtles      
reptile family - a family of reptiles
pancake turtle, soft-shelled turtle - voracious aquatic turtle with a flat flexible shell covered by a leathery skin; can inflict painful bites
genus Trionyx, Trionyx - type genus of the Trionychidae
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The Chinese soft-shelled turtle, Pelodiscus sinensis, belongs to the class Reptilia, the order Testudiformes, and the family Trionychidae, and is native to China, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, and Korea (Fritz et al., 2010; Lee et al., 2006).
Representatives of families Kinostemidae, Chelydridae, and Trionychidae were represented by one species each, with Sternotherus odoratus (35%), Chelydra ser-pentina (10%), and Apa lone spin ifera (1%) being collected, respectively.
We tested for substrate induced melanization in four turtle families (Chelydridae, Emydidae, Kinostemidae, and Trionychidae) by rearing turtles on black or white substrates.
Several species of Neoechinorhynchus are known from North America in various species of turtles within the families Chelydridae, Emydidae, and Trionychidae (Barger 2004; Barger & Nickol 2004; Ernst & Ernst 1977).
In Trionychidae, the entoplastron is reduced to a boomerang-shaped element and lacks the distinctive interlocking sutural surfaces present in the fossils from Cathedral Cave.
The 14 species used in this study include 10 species from Asia representing the families Geoemydidae (Bataguridae), Testudinidae, and Trionychidae. One Austral-Asian species (family Chelidae), one Central American species (family Geoemydidae), and two North American species (families Kinosternidae and Emydidae) were also included.