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Noun1.Trionyx - type genus of the TrionychidaeTrionyx - type genus of the Trionychidae  
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
family Trionychidae, Trionychidae - soft-shelled turtles
spiny softshell, Trionyx spiniferus - river turtle of western United States with a warty shell; prefers quiet water
smooth softshell, Trionyx muticus - river turtle of Mississippi basin; prefers running water
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Evaluation of aquaculture performance of seven populations of Trionyx sinensis from larvae to adult stage.
Trionyx triunguis at Alexandria Aquarium by Hatem Moushir - Wikimedia commons 3- Among the aquarium's facilities are several laboratories, a library and water tanks for fish and sea plants that live in saltwater and fresh water.
Arbovirus infections in reptiles: Studies on the presence of Japanese encephalitis virus antibody in the plasma of the turtle, Trionyx sinensis.
To date the following species and capture numbers have been recorded: Chrysemys picta (18), Chrysemys scripta (1), Chelydra serpentina (12), Terrapene Carolina (16), and Trionyx spiniferus (7).
Trionyx, a modern genus of the family Trionychidae; a small crocodilian is also represented.
A species list compiled from all studies is presented in Annex 2, listing 24 "confirmed" reptile species; or, if including two species (Crocodilus raninus and Trionyx gangeticus) needing further confirmation, a total of 26 species.
Effect of temperature on the incubation period and hatchability of Trionyx sinensis Weigmann eggs.