Triple valve

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in an automatic air brake for railroad cars, the valve under each car, by means of which the brake is controlled by a change of pressure in the air pipe leading from the locomotive.

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Jana was born with a blockage in the pulmonary valve and tightness in the triple valve that prevented the arrival of blood to her lungs and severe lack of oxygen in the body required urgent intervention.
I can drive even my most radical car there -- and back -- without worrying about something like a roller rocker arm or triple valve spring breaking on a highway and being 200 miles from repairs.
There is a simple operation - a triple valve replacement - which could mend his heart.
CABG cases were 26%, 51% were mitral valve surgery, triple valve surgery accounted for 5% of cases while 14% were aortic surgery cases.
that specializes in first-aid products for the military, has developed a triple valve design dressing with a hydrogel adhesive that is designed specifically for sucking chest wounds.
My test car had a triple valve, four cylinder 1.1-litre petrol unit that produces 66bhp and scores highly as far as I am concerned.