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 (trĭ-pŏl′ĭ-tā′nē-ə, -tān′yə, trĭp′ə-lĭ-)
A historical region of northern Africa bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. Originally a Phoenician colony, it was later held by Carthage, Numidia, and Rome (after 46 bc). Tripolitania fell to the Vandals in ad 435, to the Arabs in the seventh century, and finally to the Ottoman Turks in 1553.

Tri·pol′i·ta′ni·an adj. & n.
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(Placename) the NW part of Libya: established as a Phoenician colony in the 7th century bc; taken by the Turks in 1551 and became one of the Barbary states; under Italian rule from 1912 until World War II
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As for the landslide victory of resigned Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, in Tripoli's municipal elections, the lawmaker blamed it on the Tripolitanians' unwillingness to get over the long years of political disagreement in the region.
It does not convince those Tripolitanians who spent Saturday night cowering in their basements.
Tripolitanians look to the Maghreb, or western Islamic world, while Cyrenaicans look to the Mashriq, or eastern Islamic world.