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1. A crystalline substance, C10H12N2, that is formed in plant and animal tissues from tryptophan and is an intermediate in various metabolic processes.
2. Any of various naturally occurring or synthetic derivatives of this compound, many of which have psychoactive properties.


a substance that occurs naturally in plant and animal tissue in certain natural metabolic processes and is produced synthetically for use as drugs, one example being LSD


(ˈtrɪp təˌmin)
a crystalline substance, C10H12N2, that is formed from tryptophan in the tissues and involved in various metabolic processes.
[1925–30; trypt(ophan) + amine]
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Monoterpene indole alkaloids consist in a terpenoid component derived from the iridoid glucoside secologanin and an indole moiety provided by triptamine (Facchini 2001).
The objective of this research was to identify and to quantify the presence of biogenic amines: triptamine, putrescine, cadaverine, tiramine, histamine, spermine and spermidine in three types of cheese (Manchego, Brie and Parmesano), produced in Venezuela and to identify microorganisms Streptococcus, Brevibacterium and Lactic Acid Bacteria present in these cheeses.