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v. t. & i.1.To trust.
[imp. Triste.]
2.A post, or station, in hunting.
3.A secret meeting, or the place of such meeting; a tryst. See Tryst.
George Douglas caused a trist to be set between him and the cardinal and four lords; at the which trist he and the cardinal agreed finally.
- Letter dated Sept., 1543.
a.1.Sad; sorrowful; gloomy.
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I had arrived at that well-known portion of the story where Ethelred, the hero of the Trist, having sought in vain for peaceable admission into the dwelling of the hermit, proceeds to make good an entrance by force.
The is a national company called Trist Stars and another sub-contracted company called Ayat which is well known in Wau and South Sudan," he said.
Dyma gyfrol sydd yn llwyddo i roi wyneb dynol, agos atoch i ddigwyddiadau trist Coed Mametz.
Sercos facilities management team at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) Trist has been awarded a Gold certificate by local Norwich North MP, Chloe Smith for its exemplary support for the Norwich for Jobs programme.
Eventually Dad got me and Tristan on the boat to land it safely, and Trist got it in the net on the second attempt.
Trist catalogo la biblioteca de Jefferson y fue encargado de cumplir con su testamento; tambien fue secretario y colaborador de Andrew Jackson, quien antes de abandonar el poder lo envio de consul a La Habana.
Aster al Raffah Hospital has announced the appointment of Dr Siva Kumar, a pioneer in the field of neurology, and eminent psychiaA[degrees] trist Dr Moushumi P Mukherjee.
Like the other four men--even those, like Trist and Lincoln, who were of a more peaceable disposition--Polk was a product of a warrior period, forged in fights against England and the Indians (pp.
The old enemy, Vutra, has been threatening to take up arms, so the armies of Trist gather to defend their homeland.
Nicholas Trist appears as the conscious-stricken Democrat, who despite his seemingly impeccable partisan credentials--he was Thomas Jefferson's nephew--nonetheless balked at Polk's instructions to take a hard line with Mexican diplomats over territorial concessions.
Mae'n ddiwrnod trist yn nhye Terry a Glenda wrth iddynt baratoi i Cody fynd yn l at ei fam.