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a.1.See Trist, a.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Binford also brought in new assistants Brittney Vian and Tristy Default, making for a noticeable adjustment period early on.
Mind you, I think it'll take a lot to get Dad to swap his tristy stir-in sauce for a portion of quinoa, or to convince Fred to abandon his mission to fill every drawer in the house with a Happy Meal toy.
Northern ACT Territory NSW Queensland 2 Councillors 3 Councillors 5 Councillors 5 Councillors Richard John Clare Donovan Rosemary Hill Denniss Christophersen Alex Gordon Marteena Stephen Ross Peter Dart McKenzie James Colleen Watts Nikki Parker Pilkington Ross Tzannes Steven Miles Steven Sue Hayes Lightfoot South Western Australia Tasmania Victoria Australia 5 Councillors 5 Councillors 5 Councillors 5 Councillors Rob Fowler Vacancy Geoff Mosley Piers Verstegen Leanne Muffet Vacancy Philip Sutton Matt Porter Vacancy Vacancy Edwina Smith Alan Pilgrim Vacancy Vacancy Felicity Tristy Kotsiaris Fairfield Vacancy Vacancy Peter Christoff Irina Cattalini
With thanks to Tristy Fairfield and Damian Sullivan.
Tristy Allen and Sean Allen: Plaintiff alleges unpaid medical bills.
Under the headline 'Kyoto plan kicks off without main players', the West Australian (16/2) quoted the WA Conservation Council's Tristy Fairfield saying that since "the Federal Government is not going to take enough action, the State needs to commit to greenhouse pollution cuts".
Tristy Bemiller was just 18 and a student at Lane Community College when she got her first credit card.
Tristy Bemiller's $18,000 is a tiny slice of the record amounts of debt American consumers piled up in the past decade, debt that some analysts say is going to make it harder for the United States to pull out of the worsening economic slump.
Allen - Tristy and Shawn Allen, of Cottage Grove, a son.