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a.1.(Chem.) containing tritium; - of chemical compounds; as, tritiated thymine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The tritium connects with oxygen to exist as "tritiated water" in rivers, the seas, and other bodies of water.
Measurement of protein degradation in leaves of Zea mays using [3H] acetic anhydride and tritiated water.
Aromatase activity was measured using the tritiated water-release assay as described previously (Caron-Beaudoin et al.
Cells were pulsed with tritiated thymidine (0.5 [micro]Ci/mL, Amersham Int., England) 18 h before harvesting in a semi-automatic cell harvester (Flow Laboratories, United Kingdom) and counted in a [beta]-counter (Beckman, USA).
Body composition changes in goats during early lactation estimated using a two-pool model of tritiated water kinetics.
Tritiated water was used as a conservative tracer in pulse injections both before and after the E.
This technique allows the diffusion of uncharged tritiated water (HTO) and solutes through unsaturated Callovo-Oxfordian (COx) claystones [13, 14].
Alternatives to dumping this tritiated water in the ocean include storing it underground or vaporizing it into the atmosphere.
Using the specific radioactivity of the tritiated galactosylceramide substrate, the micrograms of peripheral blood mononuclear cell (mainly lymphocytes) protein per assay, and the reported GALC activity (6), approximately 400 disintegrations per minute xxxxxx(dpm) of tritium were detected using this radiometric assay.
Assay for chitinase using tritiated chitin in: Wood WA, kelloggst, editors.