Trivial Pursuit

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Trivial Pursuit®

nTrivial Pursuit® nt
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NYSE:HAS) announced today that it has purchased all of the intellectual property rights related to the Trivial Pursuit brand from Horn Abbot Ltd.
Fans Love Bodacious 80's Challenge; 80% of Players Prefer Bodacious 80's Challenge to Trivial Pursuit Mobile
For example, TRIVIAL PURSUIT players can opt to collect fewer wedges before moving to the hub for the final game-winning question, and MONOPOLY fans can be dealt three title deeds at the first of the game.
These game titles include Family Feud, Sproink and Trivial Pursuit, which will be released on iWin.
The packets will be distributed to foodservice operations throughout the country as part of the Heinz Ketchup Trivial Pursuit Contest and will, in effect, create the world's largest Trivial Pursuit game.
The Irish Genus Edition of Trivial Pursuit, the most popular trivia game in the world, includes the question: Which beverage comes in bottles bearing the date of the Battle of Clontarf?
An icon of the 80s itself, Trivial Pursuit quickly became the No.
Shield's portfolio includes real-time datacasting applications for Mobile ESPN and the delivery of innovative mobile product solutions such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Trivial Pursuit, the launch of live Internet NBA event broadcasts, the release of ESPNRadio.
Area codes graduating at the top of their Trivial Pursuit mobile game class are(a):
The loving couple have mastered Trivial Pursuit but they are clueless when it comes to expressing their feelings about parenthood.
May the Force be with the ultimate fans in the Star Wars Edition of the Trivial Pursuit game, featuring trivia from Episodes I through VII.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 9, 2015-Gameloft, Hasbro bring Trivial Pursuit to smartphones, tablets