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 (trō′ăs′) also Tro·ad (-ăd′)
An ancient region of northwest Asia Minor surrounding the city of Troy. It formed the setting for the events recounted in the Iliad.


(ˈtroʊ æd)

The, a region in NW Asia Minor surrounding ancient Troy. Also called Tro′as (-æs)
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When I rode across the Troad from the Dardanelles to Hissarlik and Mount Ida, I noticed that my dragoman and his men did all our outdoor cooking exactly in the Odyssean and Iliadic fashion.
Tenders are invited for Development of green parcel west of g troad adjacent to bagbazar babu pukur bank under ward no 10
Calon y llyfr ydi sgyrsiau efo tri o'r dynion amlwg o'r diwydiant a ddaeth i ben dan bwysau rheolau amgylcheddol newydd cyn troad y Mileniwm.
Troad arall sy'n digwydd ddydd Mercher ydy troad y rhod; ydy, mae hi'n ddiwrnod hiraf y flwyddyn.
Classics scholars from Europe, Australia, and the US discuss writers like Lucretius, Eratosthenes, Strabo, Aelius Aristides, Seneca, Pindar, and Ovid, and places like Mount Etna, Teuthrania and Pergamon, the Alban Hills, central Greece, the battle of Actium, the Troad, Thessaly, Augustan Rome, the Black Sea region, the battle of Pharsalus, Attica, and the walls of Thebes.
Frank Turner (above), whose new album Positive Songs For Negative People is out on August 7, will hit the troad with The sleeping Souls this autumn, stopping off at Nottingham's Rock city on Saturday, November 15 and Birmingham's O2 Academy on Wednesday, November 18.
Well, I sat a few rows behind Tony Fernandes at Loftus TRoad on Monday night and felt mine fall away.
Aristotle left the Academy and "joined a circle of Platonists living at Assos in the Troad under the protection of the tyrant Hermias of Atarneus .
It is clear that much of the description of events at the ceremony in the Aithiopika is drawn from Philostratos' account of the cult of Protesilaos in the Troad in his Heroikos (esp.
The programme includes a new commission - Troad y Rhod - from Welsh composer Brian Hughes, alongside two of the Romantic period's true masterpieces - La Mer by Debussy and Symphony No.
The chosen arca, the Sigeum, the Troad and the Chersonese (and afterwards also Thrace) is constructed in the Athenian imaginary world asa space settled by Attic heroes who justify Athenian control.
5) The Stelai record movable domestic objects and land in Attica, Euboia, Eretria, Thasos, Abydos, and the Troad.