Trobriand Islands

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Tro·bri·and Islands

 (trō′brē-ănd′, -änd′)
An island group of Papua New Guinea in the Solomon Sea off eastern New Guinea. The islands were occupied by Allied forces in June 1943.
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Trobriand Islands

pl n
(Placename) a group of coral islands in the Solomon Sea, north of the E part of New Guinea: part of Papua New Guinea. Area: about 440 sq km (170 sq miles)
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Tro′bri•and Is′lands

(ˈtroʊ briˌɑnd, -ˌænd)
a group of islands in the SW Pacific, off SE New Guinea: part of Papua New Guinea. 170 sq. mi. (440 sq. km).
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The sexual life of savages in north-western Melanesia: an ethnographic account of courtship, marriage, and family life among the natives of the Trobriand Islands, British New Guinea.
(2.) Among the cultures mentioned are the Trobriand Islands, the Maori, and several tribes of the American Northwest.
The Liberators and strafers rendezvoused over Kiriwina in the Trobriand Islands, 300 miles southwest of Rabaul in the middle of the Solomon Sea, to pick up their fighter escort of 125 P-38s.
Among their topics are the Coral Gardens are losing their magic: the social and cultural impact of climate change and overpopulation for the Trobriand Islanders, visions of a village in Papua New Guinea, the early field and commercial recordings of Kuman music: research using repatriated music in Papua New Guinea and recent threats to cultural diversity, challenges and profits of interdisciplinary fieldwork in linguistic and cognitive anthropology, and anthropology meets psychology.
Even if I could go on field trips to New Zealand and Tahiti and the Trobriand Islands and places like that?
Ciertamente en estas 27 estadias de terreno en el mall, Salcedo no tendra el tiempo de vagar y aburrirse, como lo podria haber hecho Bronislaw Malinowski en las islas Trobriand. Pero habria que preguntarse si la mirada pausada y detenida de la etnografia clasica puede tener lugar en el vertigo del consumo.
His legendary review of A Streetcar Named Desire ("It is the substance--not the conclusion--of an argument that gives it validity") analyzed text, performances, and direction with the productive curiosity of Malinowski among the Trobriand Islanders.
Visiting waterfowlers equipped with a boat and blind will find great shooting on the lake's east end by playing the wind and tucking into the shoreline along Hille, Douglas Creek, Wolf Creek, De Trobriand, Riverdale, Custer Mine WMAs and apdy named Mallard Island.
Later in the twentieth century Mauss (1990) and Weiner (1992) expanded on these observations and have shown, for example, that while the Trobriand Islanders did indeed use the mutual gift-giving kula ceremony as a tool to maintain and strengthen social connections (similar to Christmas or birthday ceremonies in Western societies), trade for economic gain was a separate practice.
(12) For example, in the Trobriand matrilineal society, the matrilineal nephew inherits a man's dignities and offices and his own son is not even regarded as a kinsman.